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Who is influencing what you hear?

There are many people in this country that feel their voices are being swallowed by the media and the money machine that makes it possible. News anchors and pundits are daily giving their opinions and for a majority of citizens, the issues that...

Voting is a Civil Right

Voting Changes Lives and Makes History

Voting is more popular than ever, yet I have never seen the United States of America so divisive. This is a shocking realization considering I was born in 1960 in the midst of the civil rights movement, the rise of hippies, free love and decades of Reaganomics that followed.

History of...

Canada now looks like the land of opportunity to most Americans.

Canada, the New Land of Opportunity


Canada was my home way back in the “olden days”.  I could see no real differences between my country and the United States. I lived along the border and routinely crossed the international bridge. My young friends and I checked in at Customs. We were all...

Women's Suffrage Movement is still alive today

Taking a Knee: Women, It’s Time

“Taking a knee” during the National Anthem has grown into a valid form of political protest.  NFL players use the act of genuflecting – usually a sign of respect or religious worship – to express solidarity and objection to the growing tide of police brutality in America.


Image: Our planet, Earth, sinking into a flaming sea

Climate Change: Nearing the Point of No Return

People all over the world reacted with alarm at the news that we're approaching the point of no return for dealing with global warming and climate change. Issued on October 8, 2018, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C warns that our...

How many yachts does one person really need?

Tax Cut Won’t Help Most Americans

A tax cut promised by Donald Trump to benefit middle class Americans seems more like a desperate Hail Mary play for the midterms. Whether or not he will follow through doesn't matter.  The question is: Will Americans experience an increase in their standard of living?