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Who is influencing what you hear?

There are many people in this country that feel their voices are being swallowed by the media and the money machine that makes it possible. News anchors and pundits are daily giving their opinions and for a majority of citizens, the issues that concern them go unreported. Issues from demanding Single Payer Healthcare to banning Private Prisons and many others within the spectrum.

Depending on your perspective, some view news sources as credible, while others view the exact same information as fake. Emotions run high on the issue of politics, as many see it as “their side”, and divisions are formed pitting American against American. The Civil War has been reborn in the form of Republican vs Democrat. Violence has erupted from mailing “pipe bombs” to former Democratic Presidents, Attorney General, Cia Director and NSA Director. Some of these pipe bombs were sent to current seated Democratic Senators, and two currently seated Democratic House of Representative members. One was sent to an Academy Award winning actor, and at least two were sent to a global news organization in New York City.

Eleven people were massacred in Pittsburgh at a Jewish synagogue during Sabbath, a time of prayer. Four police officers were shot during the exchange of fire during this incident along with an innocent bystander.

Collectively in both these incidents during this past week, law enforcement has apprehended both suspects alive and with great professionalism. We are eternally grateful to the men and women in law enforcement that serve with honor, integrity and selflessness in order to maintain the safety many of us enjoy.
Did these suspects share any commonalities, the answer is a resounding yes. Both of these individuals, white males, were watchers of avid FOX News. The question I have to ask myself is, why? Both men are MAGA supporters and both men committed heinous crimes to further the MAGA agenda.

Credibility, who are you?

Let us look at some of the lies that have been alleged on FOX News: 1, The FBI does not track hate crimes.
This is absolutely false. The F.B.I. maintains crime data across the country, in their database for profiling and other purposes.  Strike one FOX.

2. FOX News claims climate change is a hoax.   The National Aerospace and Space Agency (NASA), maintains climate change data and publishes it on their website.  You have the ability to track the data for yourself and determine the rate of change severe weather patterns have evolved and decide the truth about the effects Global Warming is having on our planet. From increased hurricanes to droughts, the Earth is changing, and not for the better. When Republican lawmakers in Washington D.C. are asked about their views on the issue, many claim “not to be scientist” and cannot give an opinion on the matter. To quote President Obama, “I’m no doctor, but I believe the science of the harms of cigarette smoking by the medical industry.” I may be paraphrasing, but you get the idea. Strike 2 FOX.

3. FOX News claims Russia did not interfere with the 2016 elections.  Tto accurately assess this claim that there was no Russian interference in the 2016 election, let’s look at what we do know for certainty. Mike Flynn, Trump’s first National Security Advisor (NSA) is a convicted felon for lying to the FBI about his involvement in the transition from the Obama Administration to Trump’s. We know President Obama placed sanctions on Russia for hacking into the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Immediately following those sanctions the Russian Ambassador the United States, Sergei Kisliac, phoned Flynn inquiring about these newly imposed sanctions. We know Flynn told Kisliac not to worry, as soon as Trump was in office those sanctions would be lifted.

This is important since it violates with interfering in current administration policies. Flynn met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and had business dealings with Russia and Turkey, of which he did not comply with federal regulations regarding such activity. So Flynn is guilty of lying to the FBI, for who knows what.

George Papadopoulos, a campaign staffer, also is a convicted felon for pleading guilty for lying to the FBI. We know he had contact with Russian operatives in an attempt to acquire the stolen emails hacked from the DNC.We know Paul Manafort, the Campaign Chairman for Donald Trump during the campaign period leading up to and just after the Republican National Convention in which Trump won the Republican Party’s nomination, was convicted of multiple money related crimes for which he was paid by Russian operatives with ties to the Kremlin and Putin. In order to avoid a second trial for his role in the campaign, Manafort plead guilty for crimes committed by him during this period.

With other guilty pleas from other people related to Russia and the Trump campaign along with the aforementioned, cries of “no collusion” are falling on deaf ears from the view point of the facts. Strike 3 FOX, you’re out!

These are just three lies perpetuated on FOX News out of many, all as easily debunk able the ones mentioned above.

Your Dollars Matter

With a media outlet as enormous as FOX News, how do you fight back against the propaganda they spread instead of the news as a credible source of reliable information. The answer is obvious, educate yourself where they obtain their advertising dollars, and refrain from patronizing those businesses and organizations that provide those funds. By cutting the flow of money into the hands of advertisers, you restrict their ability to use your money against you in the form of disingenuous news reporting. It is true that many advertisers will promote their products and services to multiple media.  There are businesses that refuse to contribute to furthering the divide of hatred and misinformation, i.e. the republican party and its mouthpieces like FOX News.  That is where I choose to spend my hard earned money. Staying truly informed is the best you can do to gain power, and never let anyone strip you of your voice.

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Gene Smith

Gene Smith is a Chief Campaign Strategist living in Arizona. He is a Juris Doctor, and host of the podcast "Hanging With Uncle"

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