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Was there a Blue Wave in the 2018 elections? You might be surprised what would have occurred in the 2016 Presidential race had the country voted this way.

Was there a blue wave?

The midterm elections of 2018 are done, was there a blue wave? Some would argue since Republicans gained seats in the Senate that a blue wave was averted. Democrats did regain control of the House of Representatives, so the right is arguing that this was more than a splash than a wave.

Republicans took three seats from Democrats in Missouri, North Dakota and Indiana. If another vacancy appears on the Supreme Court Democrats, are even more powerless to stop a politician like Brett Kavanaugh being voted onto the court. Rants on Hillary Clinton and Democrats proved his partisanship was the reason for his nomination rather than his juris prudence.

We will be governed by people who want to impose their beliefs on the rest of us, without regard to the Constitution. Elected Republicans will continue to push legislation that discriminates against women and their right to procreate. Suppress people from voting that are less likely to vote for opposing their oppressive laws.

Needless to say, Republicans feel pretty good over the results of the 2018 midterm elections. They are not paying attention.

Comparing the Blue Wave Numbers

In order to determine the magnitude of a wave, measuring from the surface is the best indicator to determine how much of a wave can be expected.

And when.

Donald Trump won the Electoral College by a very narrow margin.

Michigan voted for Trump by a margin of 10,704 votes.

Pennsylvania voted for Trump by 44,292 votes.

Wisconsin voted for Trump by 22,748 votes.

Those three states combine for 46 Electoral College votes, which is how he won the White House. Had Hillary Clinton won those three states, we would have our first woman president. Democrats had won those states for decades, and losing them was the difference.

Had Mrs. Clinton won Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, the Electoral College counts would have been 284-254 in favor of her. Combined, those three states add up to 77,744 votes that made the difference in the fiasco we have in the White House currently. Your vote matters that much.

But when I compare those same three states voting in the 2018 midterm I see a large rumble at the bottom of the ocean. Although 2018 was not a presidential election, the vote count in those three states sends a very different message.

Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin all had Federal Senate seats on the ballot. For an election that is statewide to fill a Senate seat, I will compare the numbers for these Senate elections with that of the 2016 election. Donald Trump held campaign style rallies in these states, as well as others, and made it clear that a vote for the Republican was a vote for him. Donald Trump makes everything about him, so we will.

In Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin the Democratic candidate won the Senate seat during the 2018 midterm. The election the narcissist in the White House said was about him.

The numbers do not lie, and in Michigan the results were the Democrat won by 268,369 votes. In Pennsylvania the Democrat won by 623,706 votes.

In Wisconsin the Democrat won by 256,431 votes.

Just by looking at these three states, the referendum on Donald Trump is in. Had the Presidential Election been held this year of 2018, Donald Trump would have been soundly defeated. The people have seen “what they have to lose”, and if he continues down the path of hate rhetoric, lies and selfish behavior he has no chance of winning a re-election. Notwithstanding Bob Mueller.

The Blue Wave Broader Effect

The effects of the 2018 midterm elections can be felt nationwide. If we look at other states that had gubernatorial statewide elections, the effects of this wave can be seen with the naked eye. In Maine the Democratic candidate won by 49,140 votes, flipping that seat from red to blue.

Kansas, a totally red state elected a Democrat to be their Governor. That seat flipped from red to blue by 45,991 votes. Kansas also saw a Congressional seat from red to blue this election.

The Democrats gained seats in the House of Representatives in the most unlikely of states and districts. Solidly held red seats in California, Texas, New York, Utah, Oklahoma and Iowa flipped Blue along with the above mentioned Kansas.

One thing is certain, the people of this country have spoken, and 100 women are going to Congress to represent the people that have elected them.

That is 16 more women than the previous congress held.

Expectations of a Blue Wave

Elections have consequences. Those consequences come in the form of new ideas to solve old problems. Addressing problems the previous administration refused to or simply a valid representation of what America really looks like. One thing is for sure, there is a new sheriff in town and her name is woman. This is a good thing.

We now expect these newly elected women to fight for the issues that confront the rest of America. Be the vote that will tackle the issue of a living wage, universal healthcare, education, the environment, people with mental disabilities, and the list goes on.

Continue on the path that got you elected. Be tireless in promoting social justice. Present bills in the House of Representatives that foster these ideas the show the American people you mean what you say. This is why we voted for you.

Republicans in the Senate will instinctively obstruct and block what you present from the House, and this will be the ammunition to regain the Senate and White House and have order restored for the people, not corporations.

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Gene Smith

Gene Smith is a Chief Campaign Strategist living in Arizona. He is a Juris Doctor, and host of the podcast "Hanging With Uncle"


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