Corporate greed kill8ng planet with skyscrapers
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It is not difficult to see how corporate greed negatively impacts society. But the destruction it has on the environment is far more devastating.

Global warming is a term that triggers either concern or disregard among people. Some feel this issue is a hoax. Others think the cold winter months means the threat of severe climate change does not exist.

Since the 2017 during hurricane season, six major storms have devastated the Caribbean region. Thousands of lives have been lost and uncertainty has replaced security.

Rising ocean temperatures contribute significantly to global temperatures. Since two thirds of the surface of the Earth is water, it makes sense to take steps to combat any increase.

Cooling the Ocean

A retrofit to our infrastructure with clean, sustainable and renewable energy would do little to combat rising ocean temperatures.

Rising CO2 levels must be addressed to begin reversing ocean temperatures. In very simplistic terms, plant life on the surface absorbes the carbon dioxide, animal life inhales the oxygen emitted from them. We enjoy a symbiotic relationship where we rely on each other for our existence. The same relationship exist with ocean vegetation and CO2 levels in the water.

Farming large beds of sea weed will help stabilize the rising CO2 in the ocean. Sea, plant and coral life will use what is “exhaled” from these farms, and we can begin to reduce the rising temperatures in the oceans. By the nature of cause and effect, by reducing ocean temperatures, we can help restore the natural order.

Currently, the obstacle to achieving this is money. Profit margins are more important than the damage being done to our planet.

The Individual Named Corporations

Greed is one of the seven deadly sins. The fruits are evident by who and what is obstructing the progress toward clean, renewable and sustainable energy in this country.

Much of the energy provided to American consumers is provided by the oil and gas idustry. Simply put, they enjoy a monopoly and refuse to transfer the source of that energy from oil to wind, solar or hydrostatic sources. All of these sources emit zero carbon output into our atmosphere and would help to clear the air we breathe.

We the people are slaves to corporate profit margins. When we demand change, we are ignored. One example was Arizona’s Proposition 127 during the midterm elections. It would have required the state to transition to more renewable energy as a source of power to consumers. APS, the power company, spent millions of dollars opposing this voter initiative. Corporate greed beat the environment.

One lie they purported to tell was that California had energy rates triple. Naturally, I called family members that live in SoCal. I had one question for them. “How much has your electric bill increased?” All of them responded their energy rates had not increased. One family member told me, “I have solar on my house, and I get money back at the end of the year.”

This was greed in action, choking the airwaves with lies and propaganda, all in the name of saving profits.


I will always believe the power of the people is stronger than the people in power. It is incumbent on the voters to determine where candidates and elected officials get money to run their campaigns. This will tell you how they will vote and who they will serve once elected.

When a corporation spends millions of dollars to fight a voter ballot initiative, you can take it to the bank that it is solely to protect money. It will always be at the cost of your family. Your power is in your vote, select the candidate that will represent you, the people. As long as politicians support corporations and Citizens United exist, money will win every time.

When we no longer view corporations as important as a person, we will then be able to address their impact on the environment.

We cannot heal the planet until we heal corporate greed.

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Gene Smith

Gene Smith is a Chief Campaign Strategist living in Arizona. He is a Juris Doctor, and host of the podcast "Hanging With Uncle"

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