What the Right Wants You to Believe

The Unite States was founded on Christian principles.  This is the propaganda that the Evangelical population of this country want you to believe. Having laws based on principals based in Christianity sounds like a good idea. But what are these laws, and why do they get to impose their views as law upon the rest of the nation? This logic is in direct contrast to the foundations of this country since its inception. Even before the adoption of our Constitution, the Pilgrims left England to flea religious persecution.

King Henry VIII founded the Anglican Church and made it the official church of England.  He was the King, Monarchy was the rule.  You were free to practice whatever religion you wanted, but your tax dollars supported the King’s church.  It mattered not if you were a practicing Anglican. This is the foundation to Freedom of Religion in the First Amendment of our Constitution exist. History is screaming at us to pay attention. In the early 1600’s when “settlers” came, it was possible for those few to migrate and make a new home where freedom was the theme.  There is no more land to settle, this is all we have.  History class is in session.

Legislative intent

This belief of freedom, especially from religious oppression, was so paramount it was in one of five fundamental beliefs of freedom the people have an inherent right. The lineage of the frame workers of our Constitution instilled this in the drafters of this document.  This is the what we live by, how we govern and enact no laws that violate this right.

Laws that violate this amendment, like abortion, are based on a religious belief they hold.  This is one of the biggest examples of discrimination since it affects one gender of our species, women. The evidence of this is transparent.  There are zero laws restricting men from their reproductive rights.  Viagra is readily available.  It along with several erectile dysfunction tablets are advertised across our televisions and radios.  A man can make an appointment at his urologist, and no fuss is made.

The Supreme Court had that view in Roe vs Wade which decided a woman has the right to an abortion.  This I a very succinct explanation, but basically the court saw it as discriminatory, and no one had the right to impose their religious view over a woman’s Right to choose.

Mind your own business

Every single American ha one thing in common, what happens in my house is none of your business.  Now if you choose to attract law enforcement to your house due to illegal activity I cannot help you.

We must listen to History.  Laws of oppression, suppression and discrimination will never be accepted by the people.  There are other amendments to our Constitution that reinforce these beliefs, and they work in concert to protect the freedoms we enjoy as citizens of this country.

Only when we respect one another’s freedom to choose for themselves will we be a free and civil society.  Acts of violence against doctors and staff that support these freedoms is illegal.  Even if you think you are protecting an unborn, murder is never the answer.  If abortion is the choice it is the constitutional right of the woman under the law.

All amendments to the Constitution are equal, no one is more important than the other. Most importantly, freedom is what this country was based on, not religious beliefs.

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Gene Smith

Gene Smith is a Chief Campaign Strategist living in Arizona. He is a Juris Doctor, and host of the podcast "Hanging With Uncle"

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