Change is the one thing that stays the same

People resist change. There are many reasons. One of the most common is the fear of the unknown. There is a natural resistance try trying something new. The effects of “what could” happen terrifies most people. Why do you think the space program has so few participants. Convincing the majority of the people of something new is like trying climbing Mt. Everest in gym shorts and a t-shirt.

The things people will do to maintain a routine, tradition or belief can be astonishing. Not knowing if a change will result in a detriment will force some to cling to a way of life. Progress has resulted in not only the loss of jobs, but entire industries. There is some prudence to resist change.

Change, progress, and foresight are related to one another.Without realizing it, we change daily. Our bodies grow, develop and adapt toour surroundings. We progress in science and technology that has improved ourcivilization and society. Remember the rotary phone and look where we are in2018. Foresight allows us the freedom to imagine possibilities beyondcomprehension. I was in awe when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.

Looking back at History, those same resisters to the effort the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to put a man on the moon make up the narrow-minded group of people called Climate Change Deniers.

Leading the charge

Put on your investigators hat on, and let’s see who would have a motive to publicly denounce Global Warming. Scientist tell us with certainty that this effect on the planet is man-made. Excess carbon emissions in our atmosphere are sealing in the pollution within our atmosphere. This is causing annual temperatures to rise, each year being warmer that the last. The same field of scientists that put a man into space have been warning us what is happening to Earth.

Carbon emission is largely the responsibility of the Oil& Gas Industry. The carbon output from this industry alone is a good place to look for motivation.

Profits are up Keeping profits at a maximum is the business motto. That means at the expenseof anything getting in its way. Even the planet.

That industry spends millions of dollars fighting that climate change exist. And they will pay.

Donald Trump received Millions of dollars from this industry. He has been very vocal about climate change denial. He will not even address the issue I guess Donald would rather play “Ostrich”, and stick his head in the sand, denying climate change is real.

I have heard him, and others, claim since they are not scientist they will not believe it is real. Now we know how much they spent on Donald, if you want to see where else they deposit money for political purposes, look here

A different agenda

Not only does Donald deny climate change for profit, he seems to have a desire to watch the world burn. He watches thousands of American citizens suffer at the hand of natural disasters, and plays golf. We need to put him in check.

Donald wants nothing to do with the Iran Nuclear Deal, negotiated for eighteen months between seven different countries. This treaty that has nuclear implications Yet Donald moonwalks on the idea, leaving the potential for nuclear fallout.  

On the Paris Accord, he repeats the same pattern and turns his back on the rest of the world. Mind you it is just him, Governors, Mayors and other elected officials pronounce they will continue to work within the parameters of this agreement. Donald stands alone.

Hatred, there you are

Attacking the science of global warming for Donald is based simply out of disdain. Instead of trying to learn and understand anything, he would rather watch it burn and not have to talk about it again. The thing with our planet, there will be nothing left for anyone when it burns due to severe weather patterns.

Each of us that grasp the understanding of global warming know that we as a species need to transfer to alternative energy for the benefit of posterity. Let hatred hate, it only thrives when given attention. There is no turning around for Donald, he is Narcisse reincarnated.

He loathes anyone that has a different opinion than him, and he is using that hatred on the environment. It matters not what scientist say, nor the increasing record breaking natural disasters that are occurring with more frequency. The Trump name makes money hand over fist from the Oil & Gas Industry, and will continue to make sure profits rule the day and not science.

Play Ostrich if you want

Again, the majority of people around the world agree climate change is real. Science exist to help reverse the emitting of toxic carbons into our atmosphere Planting seaweed beds to inhale carbons in our oceans could also start help in reducing ocean temperatures. This would also help reduce the intensity in which storms are formed overs our waters.

“I am not a scientist, but I believe medical science when they state smoking is harmful to my health” Barrack Obama

That is a simple analogy I can associate with.

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Gene Smith

Gene Smith is a Chief Campaign Strategist living in Arizona. He is a Juris Doctor, and host of the podcast "Hanging With Uncle"

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