Have you ever wondered why people think, “Why should I vote, it does not count?

Voting is fundamental, crucial and balance tipping. No one should feel their vote is insignificant. A ballot cast is our voice, so why be silent?

This January 2019 government shutdown by Donald Trump and the Republicans is a good example of that feeling.

Shutting down the government speaks of the lack of care and empathy Donald Trump has for Americans. The first step toward understanding is acknowledging this belief is part of the Republican Party fabric. Their agenda has caused every government shutdown in recent memory.

Not “getting their way” is the root of the problem.

Donald Trump made that clear in his December Oval Office meeting with Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi(D) CA, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer(D) NY.

Trump’s child like, petulant behavior has no place in our government. But Republicans fail to see the responsibility of elected officials is to act on behalf of their constituents. Instead, they emulate elementary school behavior and want to take the ball and leave since the game is not going their way.

Unfortunately, they leave government workers and the public on the field.

Pawns on a chess board

Among the agencies affected by this shutdown are the ones that serve to protect this country from counter-terrorism, border security and transportation. It stands to reason that shutting down these areas of government only serve to make our national security vulnerable.

Republican leadership responded by mandating certain positions vital, and order employees to work — without pay.

GOP Mandates Slavery

First of all, telling someone to work without pay is equivalent to slavery.

Simply put, free labor without compensation is slave labor. Some of these federal employees and contract workers will not receive retroactive pay, either. Despite all the assurances, there are workers who will not be made whole.

Remember, creditors want their money and couldn’t care less about your circumstances. Even though it is through no fault of the federal employees, they will suffer the consequences.

The Coast Guard, a branch of our military, is also adversely affected. These women and men patrol our coastal borders and perform rescues, recon for drug smuggling and immigration functions.

Having adequate enforcement is far bigger priority than any barrier.

Trump has no empathy for federal workers or their suffering. He has no understanding of decisions to either pay rent or put gas in the car; pay medical expenses or buy groceries. Donald will continue to throw his temper tantrum because Donald is a child.

A bigger wave

Senate Majority Turtle Mitch McConnell(R) KY has been derelict in his duties. His display of presenting his castrated balls to Donald Trump makes him the weakest leader in modern history.

At the request of his Orange Overlord, McConnell would not bring a vote to the Senate floor to have the government re-opened.

Two proposals were shot down. The Republican proposal, government gets re-opened, Trump gets is $5.7 billion for his wall. Mexico was supposed to pay for this monument. DACA would get an extension, but it would kick the can down the road.

Democrats proposed to open the government at current spending levels, no funding for a border wall. This would buy a few weeks to discuss other options for border security.

On January 25, Trump capitulated to the Democrats proposaal.

When the next election cycle rolls around in November 2020, voters across the country will remember the previous two years.

Two years Republicans had control of government, and did nothing to get the wall funded.

Say good bye to the GOP, and good riddance.

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Gene Smith

Gene Smith is a Chief Campaign Strategist living in Arizona. He is a Juris Doctor, and host of the podcast "Hanging With Uncle"

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