When it comes to the subject of immigrants, some adults never grow out of adolescence. They cling to second grade mentality when it comes to someone having something they did not get. Speaking of mentalities, this is the thought process of one who has a sense of “entitlement”. No one should have anything they do not have. This is the epitome of childish behavior.

What puzzles me is why someone would adopt this elementary way of thinking. It must be difficult plodding through life being miserable about how others live instead of being grateful for and focusing on the blessings they already possess. I am not a doctor nor am not making any general diagnostics, but I will point out certain flaws with that thought process.

Immigration will be the topic we explore as the issue of fact versus fiction will be the format. With the media broadcasting different versions of their truth on immigration and the cost to the tax payer. Remembering there are always two sides to the coin, let’s see how equitable reciprocity is.

Myth vs. Reality

People from south of the border want to come to America and live off taxpayer subsidies. This is the narrative the “right” have embraced. “They” come here and get food stamps, housing and medical at the expense of John Q. Citizen. My God, we even have to feed them while they are in school.

In reality, nothing cold be farther from the truth.

First and foremost, to be eligible to apply for government assistance a social security number is required or proof of legal resident status. Usually, if there are small children in the household chances are they were born in the United States and have this requirement met. They are the ones technically receiving the assistance, not the parents.

The reality is there are more “illegal” Asians entering America than coming from Mexico. Targeting people with a last name that ends in “Z” is discriminatory.

They are coming here for our jobs

They cry out from the right side of the aisle in Washington D.C. that if we let more immigrants into America then all the jobs for Americans will go away. The irony of that “talking point” is the top ten states in this country that have the highest rate of recipients on government assistance are from Republican voting states.

Applying Republican logic to this conundrum, if lazy entitlement thinking people are on welfare then the problem lies from within. Immigrants would logically only come for jobs lazy people do not want.

No one can answer the question, “what jobs are they coming here for that you want?” Looks like we might find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop first.

Time to Reflect

It is possible for people to grow, change and improve their outlook on mankind. The Autobiography of Malcom X should be required reading. Some immigration is forced and some is willful. What needs addressing is the issue of “forced emigration“.

Native American refers to indigenous people of Canada, United States and Mexico. The people of Mexico originate from what is now the Southwest United States and Mexico. They were here first. People of European decent that scream for Mexicans to “go home” need to realize they are the ones trespassing.

The facts are this; no one from Mexico is coming here and disrupting your life. They are improving it. This country was built on immigration, and all the different things in life we enjoy from cuisine, clothing attire, education and economic growth, Americans have benefited from.

So in conclusion, re-evaluate yourselves, look in the mirror. Ask yourself one question, “do I have my daily bread?”

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Gene Smith

Gene Smith is a Chief Campaign Strategist living in Arizona. He is a Juris Doctor, and host of the podcast "Hanging With Uncle"

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