When comparing Donald Trump to what we know about Satan, one must ask, who is the really evil one?

Films help us make a connection to something or event occurring in reality. The trigger might be the scenery, soundtrack or character that evokes a strong memory.

Sometimes a film will parallel current events.

We tend to think of the theater as a place to be entertained and relax. Sometimes the message imparted can be so poignant it that we become uncomfortable. Documentaries tend to have that effect on movie goers.

The best stories are horror films where the premise seems plausible.

The current climate in the world today is chaotic. Climate change brings natural disasters of epic proportion. It is only increasing.

War is perpetual now. The last stretch of peace was between the end of Vietnam in 1973 until 2001.

Today, the atmosphere feels practically evil. The movie most closely aligned with this period in history is “The Omen“.

D.T. for Damien Thorn and Donald Trump

If you have not seen the movie or read the book, you should.

The main character, the antagonist, is Damien Thorn. His initials are D.T. The story starts out as Damien is born into a wealthy family. His life is one of privilege where he has servants at his side. The viewer later learns the servants are loyal to Satan. They protect and nurture Damien.

Like Damien, Donald Trump also shares the initials D.T. He too was born into privilege and wealth, and his family’s servants catered to his every whim.

Neither Trump nor Thorn worked for anything, their fortunes were given to them via inheritance.

Damien’s fate was cast to be the Anti-Christ, so his evil was inherent. He was destined to bring about death and destruction to nearly the extinction of mankind.

Like Thorn, Trump has caused turbulence by withdrawing from the Iran Nuclear Deal. He has withdrawn from the Paris Accord which is a global effort to combat the effects of climate change. Finally, Trump has weakened alliances within NATO.

Donald Trump has weakened America as if it is part of some overarching agenda.

The Servants

Like the demons doing Thorn’s bidding, Paul Manafort worked with the Russians to help Trump get elected. He will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Michael Cohen was Trump’s attorney. He has bragged about being the “fixer“. He conspired with Trump to violate federal campaign finance laws. Cohen was convicted and disbarred.

William Barr is the current Attorney General of the United States. While he has not been officially indicted, charged, censured or any other tool at the disposal of Congress, it is clear he lied. Lying under oath to Congress is a felony.

The Common Theme

What makes the hair on my neck stand up are these and other similarities that mirror the movie and the current Executive Branch of government. Loyalty is the only prerequisite for getting near Trump. Loyalty at all costs — while receiving none in return.

All those loyal to Thorn died horrific deaths — a car crash, beheading and impaling. Anyone loyal to Trump winds up being a convicted felon. Protection is all that matters. The shared motto between Damien Thorn and Donald Trump is “sacrifice yourself for me”.

This is speculation, just food for thought. In no way is this a prophecy or prediction, but the striking resemblance between the two D.T.’s makes me wonder…

. . . is Trump the Anti-Christ?

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Gene Smith

Gene Smith is a Chief Campaign Strategist living in Arizona. He is a Juris Doctor, and host of the podcast "Hanging With Uncle"

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