cost of winning

Some people are naturally drawn to power, influence and success. The general hope of those seeking to travel in well-to-do circles hope to grab a crumb that falls from their tables. Ride on coattails so to speak. Others vie for favor, seeking to obtain a position in the upper echelon. Climbing the ladder to fame and fortune is the ultimate goal.

What is broadcasted across the media are how the affluent live. Fancy cars, big houses and the coolest adult toys are put on display. It is a natural human condition to want, but at what cost. We only see success once it has been obtained. We see loss when it is epic and self-destructive.

Hidden from the world seemingly is the input that goes into adventures in life projects. This is because the myth that a man can be self made is still being sold. The fact is no one has ever been self made. The con man living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is proof of that.

Is it worth it?

There is one question people forget to ask themselves before taking a shot at the big time, what is my name worth? Remember to factor the word expendable to this equation and many people would have made different decisions. People like Michael Cohen, Mike Flynn, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, George Papadopoulos to name a few might be in different positions.

You would think history is being shunned after Watergate and everyone that went to Federal Prison trying to protect Richard Nixon. Lessons the Trump cult has ignored.

Employing the strategy of “sacrifice yourself for me” is why Nixon never faced justice. Paul Manafort and Roger Stone are applying this method taking the proverbial bullet for Trump. Stone may receive a pardon before it is all over, but Manafort has charges pending in the State of New York where presidential pardons have no jurisdiction.

The real “sacrificial lamb”

The freedoms we enjoy as a nation are paid for with the sacrifices of those that served and died defending it. It is to the service and sacrifice they had the courage to volunteer we owe a debt that can never be repaid. Now, Donald Trump disgraces their patriotism by dishonoring treaties and alliances the United States vowed to defend prior to his inauguration.

Ironically, Trump avoided service to his country by hiding behind false claims of “bone spurs“. So cowardly, “Cadet Bone Spurs” is too scared to defend the United States. His brash comments are akin to the guy yelling, “hold me back”, when no threat exist. Then turn tail when confronted with reality.

America’s reputation is being treated expendable by Donald Trump. He has weakened our standing in the world by insulting NATO alliances, withdrawing from the Paris Accord (environmental issues) and the Nuclear Deal made with Iran and six other countries. If I were North Korea there is no reason feel Donald Trump can keep his word after reneging on the Iran deal.

America is not to be trusted under the Trump Administration.

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Gene Smith

Gene Smith is a Chief Campaign Strategist living in Arizona. He is a Juris Doctor, and host of the podcast "Hanging With Uncle"

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