Hello everyone. It is once again “campaign season” for America and the process of electing law makers is upon us. Voters will be asked to research, support and elect candidates for numerous offices up and down the ballot. Political junkies like myself understand elections are ever present. Every two years our House of Representatives subjects itself to this under the rules established in our Constitution.

Campaigns must have a brain trust in place to establish the platform it runs on. Campaign professionals are headhunted to give the candidate the best chance of winning. The two most important parts are getting on the ballot and fundraising. Qualified people who can work in tandem on a campaign to achieve this goal give the candidate a significant “leg up” on an election.

Campaign experience is invaluable. The pool of campaign aides is a small one. As chance would have it, I am in that pool. I am retired, so there is no one that owns my time. For that reason I will be “shifting gears” to reduce the amount of time spent writing for myself.

What would you do if given the time?

Since being forced to retire, writing has been the outlet I selected to express researched opinions. Subsequently, I have been asked to work on several campaigns. One door opens when another one closes. This is so true if you keep an open mind.

It is safe to say I am not in the category of “mercenary” as it relates to who I choose to work for. By this I mean my services do not go to the highest bidder. Any campaign that earns my time is because of the platform it stands upon. This means even choosing to “volunteer” for a candidate due to the platform and not the wallet. If we sacrifice our principles we lose ourselves.

This is just a personal belief; but transparency and trust are the result for a campaign that has qualified people that are there for the people. On a side note, retirees are the greatest campaign asset. Money does not buy integrity.

Until Then

Remember, I did not say my writing would cease, just decrease. This means the bulk of any literary expression will be prominent on the campaign I am supporting.

Arizona’s 8th Congressional District is where my efforts will go to unseat the incumbent and flip another congressional seat to a Democrat. Please visit www. bobolsen2020.com to interact with the campaign. If you live in the district please sign the petition to help get him on the ballot.

Thank you for your support.

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Gene Smith

Gene Smith is a Chief Campaign Strategist living in Arizona. He is a Juris Doctor, and host of the podcast "Hanging With Uncle"

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