It’s hard to know where to start.

but that’s not the hard part,

so I’ll kick this off without resolution

from inception of this country one thing’s for certain

the thing that was flawed is our constitution,

It was meant to be a living, breathing document tis true,

but slavery was legal

George Washington owned them too,

so believing christianity 

was the intent of its writers is a myth,

slavery was a means to cash in with,

if you think slavery was a good idea one things for certain,

the book of Exodus would never have been written,

Nearly 100 years enslaving existed, 

black men protested and racism persisted,

12 constitutional amendments were added in that time,

to slave owner’s equality and freedom were sublime,

the highest court in the land,

Supreme Court as we know it

ignored Dredd Scott, and gave the plan going forward,

Chief justice Taney stated very clear,

black men in America had better live in fear,

without hesitation and with specific intent,

he said, no black man has any rights a white man is bound to respect

The issue was addressed with number 16,

slavery was abolished with amendment 13,

they cried “less government”, cloaked in “states’ rights”,

put on gray uniforms and started a fight,

fired the first shot, Ft. Sumter was the place, 

flew the “stars and bars”,

to remove the United States,

it’s important to remember, the rights they sought to protect, 

the ownership of people

without remorse or regret,

so the birth to the claim of “less government”    

is dressed in racism and oppression, 

entirely for the purpose,

of monetary progression,

The civil war was over,

the confederates lost,

they vowed to continue their hatred,

no matter the cost,

instead of owning people,

they practiced separation, 

made it their law and called it segregation,

both physical and economical,

to diminish education,

suppressing the vote, to remove representation,

deny fair pay for labor

to keep the job a plantation,

It went another century,

an open invitation,

to rape, lynch and abuse,

and continue indignation,

separate was legal,

til “Brown vs Board of Education

but losing in the courts

didn’t stop their oppression,

erected confederate monuments

and calling it tradition,

if those are the values

you think made America great,

then you must embrace the idea

that greatness equals hate,

BLM has been here since our revolution,

Crispus Attucks believed this,

the first black man to die in “Blue”

so that all would be free from persecution,

through all our wars, black men were drafted,

to fight for democracy and freedom,

but here at home they had none,

except for the right to be shafted,

couldn’t eat at the same place,

couldn’t drink from the same faucet,

couldn’t ride in the front of buses,

what they did get was spit on and cursed,

subjected to dog attacks, police batons and much worse,

no jobs and poor housing  

ragged clothes and no food

life appeared to be bleak,

hunting black men was sport

no license was needed

you had support from the court

just the white of your skin

and a rope or a gun

plus a hood wearing judge and you win,

just ask Trayvon or George

or the endless names on this list,

when will their lives be accounted for

to satisfy justice!

So we protest the beatings and murder

By peacefully taking a knee,

Get called unpatriotic and haters For wanting to live free

over 200 years of being a nation

we still don’t have it right,

pointing your finger in accusation

only fuels division

and escalates the fight,

it’s time to come together,

end the hatred and useless chatter,

we are E Pluribus Unum and here to stay because…


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Gene Smith

Gene Smith is a Chief Campaign Strategist living in Arizona. He is a Juris Doctor, and host of the podcast "Hanging With Uncle"

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