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A Unified Screaming From Wallets Across America’s Working Families

Let me paint a picture

a real lop sided story

what we have in America

isn’t democracy but Oligarchy.

Where the rich are few

and control wealth and power

decides and fund lawmakers

to collect all our dollars.

It began in the 80’s

Ronald Reagan led the charge

with “trickle down” economics

it was all just a farce.

My first day in boot camp

we learned what trickles downhill

it’s not money that comes, no way

what trickles down

is the color brown

and all you can do is take it

because you think you have no say.

The wage inequality started

by taking from the poor to give to the rich

we used to deduct the interest we paid

on car loans and credit cards

this is one example, do you remember this?

We can’t have this deduction

so loopholes could be created

it’s called corporate welfare so our tax dollars

increase their profits unabated.

So the favors flow

from the direction of those earnings

to the lawmakers we know.

Kickbacks is what we call it

campaign donations is what they call it

the bottom line

is comes out our wallet.

They say it’s the businessman

that makes commerce flow

but without employees to work

goods and services don’t go.

Employer and employee need one another

that relationship should be symbiotic

to give preference to the owner

is just plain idiotic.

But campaign contributions

are how our laws are made

but you nor I earn enough

for elected officials to look our way.

Let’s define who “they” are

so there is no misconception

It’s less than one percent of America

that gather all the millions.

Forbes tracks the wealthy

the seven figure class and more

just do the math it’s all right there

you’d be surprised at the total score.

391 billionaires in all

the millionaires are over 15 million

that’s the wealth distribution we live with

in which class do you fit in?

Over 330,000,000 Americans we are

and the income gap is out of wack

over 90% of earnings going to less than one percent

a majority of us are not okay with that.

With the wage gap so vast

and families struggling

the only thing that’s trickled down

is economic suffering.

“They” say being poor is our fault

’cause we’re lazy and don’t want to work

while “they” payoff lawmakers

to ensure tax breaks for the rich

and labor “they” can shirk.

Money is the evil in government

they system’s designed to flow

into the hands of the establishment

to make their coffers grow.

The law is “Citizens United”

but uniting is not the intent

it increases the amount a campaign can raise

while shielding who’s money is being spent.

One lawwmaker paid by the few

dictate to the many

the will of their donors

so we have no say any.

There is a solution to this problem

and it’s an easy one

get to the polls and vote everytime

because we outnumber them.

End Tickle Down

close the loop holes

make them pay their fair share

and put “Greed” in a six foot hole.

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Gene Smith

Gene Smith is a Chief Campaign Strategist living in Arizona. He is a Juris Doctor, Legislative District Chairman, Elected Precinct Committee person, and Democratic State Committee Member. Currently, Gene serves on the Environmental Caucus.

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