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Status and the Opposition to UBI



I support a Universal Basic Income, or UBI, and this may be due to fundamental differences in my mindset and approach to social status.

I have no desire to be wealthy. Trying to understand why people do is difficult for me.<span...

Going to Work by Jean-François Millet, 1851-53

What is Missing From UBI Discussions

We are missing an important human element when we discuss a proposed Universal Basic Income (UBI). It goes far beyond worker satisfaction with wages or benefits. We must examine how many are willing participants in current economic system and how many want out.

The debate surrounding a...

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The Corporatocracy of Dysfunctional America

Realizing America is a corporatocracy is like having Mrs. Robinson for a neighbor. Secretly, we suspect her marriage might not be all that blissful. She does drink a bit too much, but we prefer to believe the cupcake image. We may even participate in spreading it.

We trust Mrs. Robinson...

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Why Good Employees Quit

Why do great employees quit? It is difficult to define all the characteristics of what makes a talented employee a “superstar”, but every manager knows at least one remarkable person who has been an agent of positive change.


How many yachts does one person really need?

Tax Cut Won’t Help Most Americans

A tax cut promised by Donald Trump to benefit middle class Americans seems more like a desperate Hail Mary play for the midterms. Whether or not he will follow through doesn't matter.  The question is: Will Americans experience an increase in their standard of living?